This software is a shareware.

The version that you can download here is complete but you will need a serial number to unlock some limitations: you are not allowed to save a tournament, it is limited to 3 games and you cannot access the deal editor.


Java Edition (version 1.1.3)

Windows (2000 or later)
Others (Linux etc...)

Last update: 03/21/2008

Mac Edition (version 3.2.5)

MacOS X (10.3.9 or later) universal binary

Compatible with OS X 10.8 Montain Lion

Last update: 03/21/2012

Archives (MacOS X 10.1, 10.2, MacOS 7-8-9)


Java Edition (version 1.1.3)

Java 1.4.2 (or later) is required to use this version.
Java can be downloaded here:
Please note that the Windows installer below will verify if Java is installed.

Windows (2000 or later)
Le Tarot (version 1.1.3) 8.9Mb

Linux etc...
Le Tarot (version 1.1.3) 8.7Mb

After downloading, launch the installation on Linux with:
java -jar LeTarotInstallation_Linux.jar


Mac Edition (version 3.2.5)

MacOS X (10.3.9 or later)
compatible with OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion
universal binary

Le Tarot (version 3.2.5) 9.7Mb



Le Tarot Mac Edition(version 3.2.4) 9.3Mb MacOS X (10.3.9 - 10.6)
Le Tarot Mac Edition(version 3.1.4) 8.1Mb MacOS X (10.1 - 10.3) - MacOS 9
Le Tarot Mac Edition(version 2.2.4) 7.8Mb MacOS 7-8-9